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Okra + Lavender Essential Oils

Infused with Keratin

For thin, brittle and damaged hair

Sulphate and Paraben Free 


The Hairiffic Lady Fingers Protein Repair Booster conditioner with Keratin and Lavender essential oil leaves your hair feeling lust, strengthened and full of moisture.  Enriched with our custom oat & rice protein blend to repair and revitalize your hair, you can also use it as a leave-in conditioner for extra punch. This product is also infused with Keratin, a highly specialized fibrous protein, which is found in hair, feathers, wool, and nails. Keratin is distinct from other proteins in that it is rich in cysteine (an amino acid), which gives keratin unique strengthening and protective properties.   Keratin not only protects the hair but minimizes damage and increases strength. We have also included Milk amino acids which can penetrate the hair shaft for moisture and repair.  They can bind with water to increase moisturization which results in stronger, more flexible hair.


Recommended For: Great for all hair types but especially for curly, kinky hair, dry or damaged hair, processed or colored hair.&nb